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Mandatory field is blank


When you attempt to save your changes, this error message may appear.

The "FieldName" field is mandatory, it can't be left blank.


Some fields are mandatory, which means that you are required to fill them in before proceeding. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk next to its label, as follows:


Enter non-empty values in all mandatory fields to continue.

More information for administrators

Mandatory fields appear on Action Forms and prevent users from completing workflow Actions until all mandatory fields are filled in. The administrator can mark fields mandatory when configuring Action Forms. For details on configuring Action Forms, see Configuring Forms.

Some workflow Actions may use Full Forms of objects, or your system may allow direct modifications of objects (which is not recommended). In this case, some fields may also be mandatory, if the administrator have marked them so. For details about mandatory fields on Full Forms, see Making fields mandatory.