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Workflow Parameter window

Updated in 2022.1

Use the Workflow Parameter window for creating a new workflow configuration parameter, or modifying the existing parameter.

Once created, your parameter becomes available in the Workflow Configuration section for quick customization and in the Select Placeholder dialog box for insertion as a %[WFP ParameterName]% placeholder.

General tab

This tab defines general properties of the parameter, such as the name, data type, and the initial value.

Under Parameter, set these parameter properties:

  • Name - the parameter name.

  • Label (optional) - the parameter label. This label appears in the Workflow Configuration section. If missing, the parameter name is used as the label.

  • Type - the type of data the parameter stores.

    TIP: The data type must meet the requirements of workflow items or components that will use that parameter. For example, if you want to use this parameter for populating a virtual field, select the same data type that your virtual field has. For details, see Types of virtual fields.

  • Reference to (for Reference type) - the objects that will be available in the list when choosing a reference object from .

  • Lookup values (for Lookup or Multi-select type) - the list of static values available for selection. Lookup and Multi-select parameters appear in the Workflow Configuration section as drop-down lists.

  • Description (optional) - the description to help you and other administrators understand what exactly this parameter controls. This text appears in the Workflow Configuration section and in the Select Placeholder dialog box.

  • Category - the category of the workflow parameter.

Under Initial value, optionally specify the initial value for the parameter:

  • Value (optional) - the initial value that the parameter will have until somebody changes it.

Usage tab

This tab shown the workflow items and components that use this workflow parameter, and allows you to quickly access them.

  • Open - opens the selected workflow item or component.