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Types of virtual fields

Alloy Navigator supports the following types of virtual fields:

  • Integer - an integer value between -99999999 and 99999999.

  • Logical - a boolean value (True or False). Logical fields appear on the screen as check boxes or as check marks in grids.

  • Currency - a currency value, which consists of a decimal value and a currency symbol, e.g. $500.00.

    NOTE: If needed, you can customize the currency format.

  • Float - a decimal floating-point value. A Float field allows up to 15 digits, of which 9 can be to the right of the decimal. When creating fields of this type, you can specify a number of decimal places which will be used as a format for input and display of values.

  • String - a text up to 1000 characters long.

  • Encrypted - a text up to 1000 characters long that should be stored securely. The field of this type allows users to store and display sensitive data in encrypted form. Encrypted values can be read by business logic operations. Encrypted fields with no data or NULL value are displayed as blank.

  • Memo - a text up to 1 GB in size. Memo fields appear on the screen as text boxes with the button in the upper-right corner that opens the field contents in a new window.

  • Date - a date value.

  • Date/Time - a date and time value (a timestamp).

  • Duration - a time duration value.

    NOTE: If needed, you can customize the duration format.

  • Reference - a reference to another object in the database. Reference fields appear on the screen as searchable drop-down lists.

  • Lookup - a select field where the user can choose a value from a list of available items. Lookup fields appear on the screen as drop-down lists.

    NOTE: Alloy Navigator supports static lookup lists (specified when configuring the virtual field) and dynamic lookup lists (based on custom SQL queries). Lookup virtual fields require user input, so they are not available in Field Mapping for Service Actions.

  • HTML - a text field with embedded HTML editor that allows users to apply HTML formatting and insert hyperlinks or images.