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Customizing your workflow configuration

The Workflow Configuration section in the Settings App is where you can easily fine-tune your Alloy Navigator business logic. Workflow configuration eliminates the need for modification of individual workflow items and components when customizing your workflow. For example, once you specify a value (a person) for the Administrator parameter, all administrative alerts and notifications will be sent to that Administrator person.

To customize configuration:

  1. In the Side bar, go to Workflow and Business Logic > Workflow Configuration.

  2. Parameters are grouped into categories. Use the middle navigation bar to navigate to the desired category. Some categories include child categories; you will need to expand a parent category to access all its child categories. As you select a category, all the configuration parameters appear on the right, under the category name.

  3. Customize the available workflow parameter as your business logic requires. Descriptions can help you understand what each parameter controls.

    Some parameters may look like check boxes. Others require you to choose one or several values from a drop-down list or to enter a numeric value.

  4. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

NOTE: Configuration parameters have been created by our Professional Services team. You, as an Alloy Navigator administrator, can create your own workflow parameters, if needed. For details, see Managing workflow parameters.