Administration Guide

Configuring and Controlling Outgoing Notifications

Updated in 8.4

Alloy Navigator can generate notifications in response to various events in the system.

When we say "notifications" we usually mean Workflow Notifications, which are outgoing e-mail messages and push notifications used to communicate workflow-related events to the people involved in the business process. For details, see Creating E-mail Notifications, Customizing Push Notifications.

In addition to workflow notifications, there are several types of other notifications, whose content, recipients, and triggering events are configured outside of the Workflow module:

  • Error Log Alerts are e-mail notifications generated to notify the Alloy Navigator administrator when important events or failures appear in the Error Log. For details, see Configuring Generation of Administrative Alerts.

  • Self Service Portal (SSP) Notifications are e-mail notifications sent to SSP customers and an SSP administrator when new customers are registered in the Self Service Portal. For details, see Setting Up Self-Registration.

To enable sending outgoing notifications, you must configure notifications settings. Some of them are mandatory, others optional. For instructions, see Configuring the Notifications Settings.

Once all settings are configured, you can control your outgoing notifications using the Notification Queue Manager. For instructions, see Managing the Notification Queue.

IMPORTANT: All operations for sending notifications are carried out by the Automation Server. You should configure and start the Automation Server prior to configuring outgoing notifications. For details, see Automation Server.