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Auditing Direct Network Scan Audit Sources

Once you have configured a Direct Network Scan Audit Source, you can audit the network segment that it covers. In addition, you can audit not all computers in the Audit Source, but only those that were not audited yet.

If the Audit Source includes computers that have specified audit credentials (you can specify them in the Node Properties [Node Name] window), these credentials will be applied to these computers during the audit of the Audit Source. To the computers for which no audit credentials are specified, the source audit credentials will be applied (you specify them when configuring a Direct Network Scan Audit Source).

Each Audit Source is audited by the Inventory Server of the Site, where this source belongs to. Make sure the associated server is running, otherwise, the task will be added to the Task List, but the audit will not be carried out until the Inventory Server starts. For detailed information about managing Inventory Servers, see Inventory Server Manager.

In case there are several Inventory Servers registered in the database, you can change the server for the source audit, for details see Modifying Site Properties.

To audit a Direct Network Scan Audit Source:

  1. Click Audit > Audit Network on the main menu or just click the lightning icon to bring up the Audit Network window.

  2. By default, all the Direct Network Scan Audit Sources will be audited. Clear the check boxes next to every Direct Network Scan Audit Source that you do not want to audit.

  3. Click OK.

To audit previously unaudited computers:

  1. Right-click the Site in the Sidebar and select Audit This Site> Audit Never Audited from the pop-up menu.

  2. If the Site has more than one Direct Network Scan Audit Sources, select the Direct Network Scan Audit Source(s) in the Select Audit Sources window.

  3. Click OK.

The corresponding audit task will be added to the Task List so that you can monitor its performance.