Installation Guide

Alloy Audit Tools update

Alloy Audit Tools is a collection of computer auditing utilities for Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery product families. It provides the detection and identification of hardware and computer equipment on the network.

Alloy Audit Tools consist of the following:

  • Inventory Analyzer—an audit agent for auditing computers. There are three platform-defendant versions of Inventory Analyzer: for Windows, Linux, and for macOS.

  • Audit Snapshot Viewer—a tool for viewing audit snapshots.

  • Internal dictionaries for identifying network devices and their manufacturers.

As soon as a new version of Alloy Audit Tools is released, you can update your audit tools to the latest version.

Updating Audit Tools on Alloy Discovery 2023

NOTE: Make sure to close all Alloy Discovery applications on the computer where you install the update.

To update Alloy Audit Tools:

  1. Stop the Inventory Server

  2. Update Alloy Audit Tools

  3. Start the Inventory Server

  4. Update audit agents for E-mail and FTP Audit sources

  5. Update audit agents for Portable Audit sources

TIP: If you plan to open audit snapshots directly, not from Alloy Discovery, you can associate snapshot files with the Alloy Audit Snapshot Viewer. For details, see Associating snapshot files with the Audit Snapshot Viewer.