Installation Guide

Update Alloy Audit Tools

The installer updates only those tools that have already been installed on the computer. For example, if you run the installer on the computer where the Alloy Discovery 2022 Inventory Server is installed, the installer will update all components of Alloy Audit Tools. If you run this installer on a technician's workstation hosting only Alloy Discovery2022 client components, the installer will update only the Audit Snapshot Viewer.

Depending on your configuration, you need to run the installer on the following computers:

  • Alloy Discovery 2022 Inventory Server — The computer hosting the Alloy Discovery Inventory Server. If you have several Inventory Server instances for your Alloy Discovery database, run the Alloy Audit Tools installer on every instance.

  • Alloy Discovery 2022 technician’s computers — Computers hosting Alloy Discovery client components, i.e. the Desktop App and administrative tools.

To update Alloy Audit Tools to the new version, follow these steps:

  1. Run the latest version of the Alloy Audit Tools installer.

  2. On the Welcome page, click Next. The Ready to install Alloy Audit Tools page opens.

  3. Click Install to start the installation.

  4. Complete the setup wizard. On the Completed page, click Finish to complete the installation process.