Administration Guide

Viewing Task Details

For each Inventory Server, you can view the task statistic that displays the number of slots available for running tasks (by default, each server has the maximum number of 3 slots available) and the progress status of each task.

NOTE: You can configure Inventory Server performance settings in the Services > Inventory Servers section. For details, see Tuning Inventory Server performance.

You can view the detailed information of a task as follows:

  1. In the Settings app, navigate to Services > Task List using the Sidebar. The following details are available for each server task:
    • Tasks - the task name;
    • Task ID - the unique ID of the task in the Task List;
    • Site - the Site name where the task was initiated;
    • User Name - the name of the user who initiated the task;
    • Status - the status of the task;
    • Start Time - the date and time when the task was initiated.
  2. To view the details of a particular server task, double-click its record to bring up the Task Progress dialog box. For example, when performing the Direct Network Scan of a Site, you can monitor the progress status of each discovery or audit operation, the number of succeeded and failed operations, the number of operations that remain to perform, the total number of operations including succeeded, remaining and failed ones, and the number of discovered (enumerated) Network Nodes. In case of any operation failures, Alloy Discovery shows the corresponding messages in the Status column.

    INFO: For instructions on resolving conflicts, see Resolving Conflicts.

    INFO: For Instructions on troubleshooting of audit failures, see Troubleshooting.

  3. To view the Server Log of a task, right-click a task and choose Server Log from the pop-up menu. The log details will be shown in a separate dialog box.

    INFO: For details, see Server Log.

  4. To view the Task Log of a task, right-click the selected task and choose Task Log from the pop-up menu. The log details will be shown in the Notepad.