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My Calendar

My Calendar is a personal view for your working calendar that helps you quickly view your important dates such as due dates for Service Desk Tickets, expiration dates of Software Licenses or Contracts, or return dates for leased Computers, and your personal events such as days off and other exceptions to your regular working time. You can also add, modify, and delete your personal events right on your calendar. My Calendar is personal, i.e. it is available only for you.

To access My Calendar, select from the navigation menu. You can view the calendar information by day, by week, or by month. For details, see Changing Calendar views.

NOTE: To refresh the calendar, press F5.

Hiding calendar events

Displaying many events may litter your calendar and slow down the performance. You can temporary hide the events that are not critical for you now, and display them again, when needed.

The Calendar Events pane under Filter by, in the right side bar, shows descriptions of all events that your calendar can currently display. To hide an event, clear the corresponding check box. To enable the event again, select its check box.

Viewing details of calendar events

Rest the pointer over the calendar event to display its summary description, current status, start date and time and end date and time. If you want to view more details, double-click the event to bring up its details window.

Managing your personal events

My Calendar displays your personal working time and your personal events such as vacations, training days, meetings, and other exceptions to your standard working time, which you specify using the Work Calendar tab of the Person details window. You can quickly visualize personal events overlapping some important dates and reschedule your work or the event before it's too late.

You can manage your personal events right from the calendar as follows:

  • ClosedTo view the details of an event:

    • Rest the pointer over the event to display its details. The ScreenTip displays the event name, its dates and description.

  • ClosedTo reschedule a personal event:

    • Drag the start or end border to the new position. You can also drag events between dates within the calendar area.

    If you want to change an event details (for example, add a new description), you can double-click the event and make your changes using the [Personal Event Category] window.

  • ClosedTo add a personal event:

    1. Select the cell where your want to add your personal event and click New > [Personal Event Category] on the right side of the Module menu. Alternatively, right-click the cell, and then click New > [Personal Event Category]. You can also select a range of cells to immediately specify the event's start and end date and time. The [Personal Event Category] window opens.

    2. NOTE: The list of personal event categories is configured by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.

    1. Specify the event details as needed and click OK. A new event bar appears in the calendar.

  • ClosedTo delete a personal event:

    • Select the event and click the Delete button on the Module menu. Alternatively, right-click the event, and then click Delete.