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Deleting relations

If the current state of your IT environment has changed and certain objects in your managed structure no longer have dependencies on each other, you may need to delete the relation between these objects in the database.

This operation is applicable only to objects related by using the commands on the Related Objects tab. While the Related Objects tab also displays objects related by using other commands and shown also in the Related Asset field on the General tab of the Ticket window, you cannot delete such relations using the method described below. To delete such relations, edit the appropriate fields either directly or by using workflow actions.

To delete a relation between two related objects:

  1. Open one of the related objects. If this object is a KB Article, open it by clicking Edit.

  2. On the Related Objects tab, click the related object.

  3. On the Module menu, click Delete Relation. This action severs the connection between the two objects, and they are no longer related.

NOTE: While the Related Objects tab displays not only the objects directly related to this object but also their related objects, the Delete Relation command is available only for the objects directly related to the main object. These objects are shown at the top level of the hierarchical tree or as the root node of the map, as explained in Viewing the Related Objects map).