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Working with attachments

An attachment is a file or link that you attach to a ticket, activity, contract, or KB Article, etc. Attachments are listed on a record’s Attachments tab. Attachments that are added to objects' activities will appear on the Attachments tab of those activities, as well as on the Attachments tab of the object itself.

NOTE: Attachment files are stored in the Alloy Navigator Express database and therefore occupy some space in the database. If you attach a large file to an object, it may significantly increase the database size and slow down Alloy Navigator Express. To avoid it, you can archive the file before attaching it.

Link attachments can point to various external objects and locations, such as files, locations in files, folders, HTML pages on the World Wide Web or an intranet.

You can control the number and size of attachments by displaying the Attachment Count and the Attachment Total Size columns in the grid (for details, see Showing and hiding record fields). The Alloy Navigator Express administrator can also set a limit on maximum attachment file size.

You can perform the following actions when working with attachments: