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Consumable Management

Updated in 2023.2

The Consumable Management module is where you can oversee inbound and outbound operations for consumable assets and manage inventory control for all consumables in stock. Specifically, you can set up automatic rules that will notify the responsible person when stocked consumables are running low and remind them to reorder.

To access the Consumable Management module, navigate to ITĀ Assets > Consumable Management in the sidebar. By default, these tabs are available:

General tab


The Details section in the top left corner of the Consumable Management form displays the location of the stock of consumables and the name of the stock manager. This manager is the person who will receive automated notifications generated by threshold notification rules.

TIP: When the Location and Manager fields are filled out, you can quickly jump to the corresponding records. Click the three-dot menu and choose Open to open the record or Details to preview its details.

Threshold Notification Rules

On the Threshold Notification Rules tab you can establish thresholds for particular consumables in the stock for sending notifications to the manager.

A threshold notification rule defines the condition that triggers sending notifications. This condition is based on the quantity of consumables in stock. When the stock quantity falls below the specified threshold, the manager receives a notification email. You have the option to set a single threshold or use two thresholds for two different levels of urgency. For details, see Threshold Notification Rule window.

You specify the threshold notification rules as follows:

Stock Movement tab

The Stock Movement tab shows a list of inventory movement details. You can use this report to monitor inventory history and to identify business cycles. This tab shows a read-only summary of all changes introduced in the object record. You can open stock movement details in a separate window by double-clicking its record in the grid.