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Mail Connector job

Introduced in 2023.1

The E-Mail Processing > Mail Connector section allows you to customize the predefined job for running the Mail Connector.

The Mail Connector is an Alloy Navigator Express tool that regularly checks new e-mails in a specified folder on the mail server and performs the following tasks:

  • Creates Tickets from new e-mail messages.

  • Updates Tickets when the e-mail message belongs to a thread initiated for an existing Ticket.

  • Create a new Person when the sender cannot be matched to an existing Person record.

  • NOTE: For more information, see Updating Tickets with data from incoming messages.

If incoming e-mail messages have attachments, these files are attached to the created or updated Tickets.

NOTE: If you have put a limit on the size of attachments, this limit applies also to the attachments of the Tickets created or updated by the Mail Connector. For details, see Setting system performance.

IMPORTANT: The Mail Connector job is run on the Automation Server, which must be properly configured and started. For details, see Configuring the Automation Server.

Before you begin, you have to decide which type of mail server to use for incoming messages. You can use a POP3, IMAP4 e-mail account, or use a Microsoft Exchange e-mail account. To start using the Mail Connector, you have to configure mail server settings. For details, see Configuring Mail Connector settings.

Managing Mail Connector jobs

In the E-Mail Processing > Mail Connector section, you can perform the following actions: