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New Site Wizard - Site Properties

This page allows you to define the Site Properties.

  • Name - the Site name as it will appear in the Sidebar and in the Site list (shown if you click Sites in the Sidebar). After saving the Site, you are allowed to change the Site name as needed, for details, see Modifying Site Properties.

  • Site Tag - the tag that is used to link discovered and audited computers and discovered network devices to their Sites. When you are creating a new Site, the Site Tag is auto-populated with equals to the Site name by default. However, you can manually edit the Site Tag before the Site is saved. This may be useful if another Site with this tag already exists. In this case, you will be advised to change the Site Tag before you can save the new Site. After saving the Site, the Site Tag is set permanently and can not be modified.

  • Automation Server - the server that controls execution of all inventory operations for this Site. If the Automation Server is not running, you cannot proceed with the wizard and the Site cannot be created. In this case, configure the Automation Server first and restart the wizard. For details, see Configuring the Automation Server.

NOTE: To register an Automation Server, run the Automation Server Manager on the machine where the server is installed. For detailed information on managing Automation Server, see Automation Server Manager.

  • Description - optionally, you can add some text describing the Site.

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