Online Help | Network Inventory


The dashboard provides you with important information and gives you direct access to various Network Inventory components, functions, and shortcuts you may need for your daily work.

By default, the dashboard is displayed when you log in to your database. The dashboard contains the following sections:

  • Today - allows you to see the overall inventory statistics of your database (for details, see Viewing Collected Inventory Data).

  • New - allows you to create new Sites and Collections in your database (for details, see Working with Sites and Working with Collections).

  • Administrative - gives you access to the Settings App and allows you to configure integrations and audit settings, which include audit profiles and audit credentials (for details, see , Integrations and Configuring Audit Settings).

  • Database Info - allows you to see general information about the database and the logged in user.

  • Change History - displays Change History statistics for all computers and Chromebooks in your database. These statistics summarize Change Events detected on all computers and Chromebooks within the specified period of time. For details, see Change History Statistics.

  • Contact Info - gives you access the Alloy Software web pages, forums, and support portals directly.

  • Additional - allows you see additional information about Network Inventory.

You can change the startup workspace. For details, see Applying general preferences.