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Audit Credentials

Audit credentials are required for an account used by Network Inventory to run the audit. It is recommended that this account has administrative privileges to access audited nodes and collect the audit data. Generally, audit credentials are a combination of a user name and password. However, for auditing Linux and Mac computers or Citrix hypervisors, you can use your SSH private key instead of a password. For more information, see Audit Credentials window.

The Direct Network Scan audit method requires an account for running the audit. If you plan to use the Direct Network Scan, you must specify audit credentials for each network or network segment that you want audited. For auditing Chromebooks, you use Google Credentials, which requires a Google administrative account with properly configured API access.

Network Inventory operates different types of audit credentials: Windows, Linux and Mac, ESXi/vSphere/Citrix, Google, and SNMP.