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Custom Input Fields

Ignored for the Direct Network Scan

The Custom Input Field screen is where you define additional input fields that should be presented to the user before starting the interactive audit. Custom fields will appear on the Windows Inventory Analyzer splash screen, in a separate section.

TIP: The data entered by the user will be saved in the audit snapshot.

NOTE: The Custom Input Fields options are applicable only for Windows computers: for the Network Folder Audit in the Interactive or Interactive Once audit mode, for the Portable Audit, Remote Audit.

All the custom input fields available in the Custom Input Fields section are configured by the Network Inventory administrator (for details, see Configuring custom input fields for Network Inventory) and automatically enabled in all audit profiles.

To view the definition of a custom input field:

  • Double-click the custom input field to bring up the Custom Input Field window.

To disable a custom input field:

  • Clear the check box for the custom input field in the Include column.

To re-enable a disabled custom input field:

  • Select the check box for the custom input field in the Include column.

To modify the group title for custom input fields:

  • In the Custom Input Fields group title field, customize the default group title, as needed.

NOTE: By default, custom input fields are not included in any grid views for Computers. To show the column in a particular view you should modify the view configuration and add custom input fields as needed.