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Remote Screenshot window

The Remote Screenshot [Computer Name] window allows you to provide the credentials that Network Inventory will use to connect remotely over a network to the target Windows computer to capture the desktop screenshots. These credentials must correspond to an account that is a member of the local Administrators group of the target remote computer (either directly or through membership in a Windows domain group). We recommend that you use a domain Administrator's account. You can specify either a domain account or a local account as long as this account exists on the target computer.

Once you specified the account, the provided credentials are saved for the current Network Inventory session. You will not have to provide the same data each time you connect to a remote machine. Next time you capture the screenshot of any remote computer from the Network Inventory application, your saved credentials will be used automatically. If you open another Network Inventory session or use the screenshot executable file, previously provided password will be lost. You can always specify completely different credentials next time you connect to the remote computer for capturing screenshot.

To specify logon credentials for accessing the remote computer, choose one of the following options:

  • Currently logged user - select this option to access the remote computer using the credentials of the current Windows account.

  • This account - select this option to access the target computer using the custom credentials chosen in the following fields:

    • User Name - enter the account name.

    • Password - enter the password.

    • Domain - enter the name of domain, if you want to specify a domain user name. The default value is <Local Computer> for the local Windows account authentication.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can just type in a domain user name in the User Name field (such as COMPANY\audit).

  • Test Login - click this button to test whether the specified credentials allow logging on to the domain.

Click OK to remotely access the target machine.

To open the Remote Screenshot [Computer Name] window:

  • In the Sidebar, open the Computers grid or the All Nodes grid, and select the desired computer to take a screenshot.

  • Click Tools > Integrations > Screenshot, the Remote Screenshot [Computer Name ] window opens.