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No object with the entered ID has been found


When you attempt to access an object using the Go To feature, this error message may appear.

No object with the entered ID has been found. Please check the ID you entered.


The error occurs when Alloy Navigator Express does not find any object that matches the condition specified in the Object ID field.


Please verify the object's identifier and try again. You can also check your keyboard layout to make sure that you are using the correct language.

If you are sure that the identifier is correct, but the error persists, the object you are looking for has been probably deleted. Contact your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.

More information

To use the Go To feature, you must know the object's identifier or at least its significant part. For example, if you are looking for the object T0123456, it is enough to enter 123456 in the Object ID field.

For Service Desk Tickets, the identifier is shown in the Ticket field; for most objects it is displayed in the ID field.