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Accessing objects by ID

Every object in Alloy Navigator Express has a unique identifier. Typically, it is the value of object's ID field. For Service Desk Tickets, the identifier is shown in the Ticket field.

If you know the object's identifier (or at least its significant part), you can quickly access this object using our Go To feature. You can access even inactive objects, such as retired Computers and closed Tickets, which are typically hidden from data views.

To go to an object:

  1. Select Search > Go To from the main menu click the to bring up the Go To window.

    TIP: Alternatively, press CTRL+G on the keyboard.

  2. Enter an object identifier (a ticket number or object ID) in the Object ID field. You can specify the full identifier or omit its prefix and type significant digits only.

    NOTE: If you have already used the Go To feature, the drop-down list would offer you last-used identifiers.

  3. Click OK.

The following results are possible:

  • If only one matching record is found, it opens in a separate window.

  • If more than one but less than ten matching records are found, these records are listed in the Select Object window. Double-click the desired record to open it.

  • If more than ten matching record objects are found, you will be asked to refine your search condition. Click OK and specify the full object ID.

  • If no record satisfies your search condition, you get the corresponding message.