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Running detail reports

When you "run" a detail report, you generate the report with the actual data from your Alloy Navigator Express database. After viewing, you can print out the generated report or export the report to another format.

To run a detail report:

  1. Open the record for which you want to run the report.

  2. On the Module menu at the top of the window, click Print and choose the report to generate.

  3. For users of previous versions:
    The detail reports imported from a previous version are initially hidden from the Print menu. You can run a hidden report from the Manage Reports window. You can also show hidden reports in the Print menu. For details, see Hiding and showing detail reports in the Print menu.

  4. If the report requires parameters, the Report Parameters window opens. Specify parameter values and click OK.

  5. The report appears in the preview window. Choose what you want to do next:

    • To export the report, click the Export button and choose the export format. Then specify the destination location and click OK.

    • To print out the report, click the Print button, specify the print options, and click OK.

  6. Close the preview window.