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Display options

With display options, you can customize the Desktop App appearance: change the style (skin), choose how the Sidebar looks, and change the font.

NOTE: The Desktop App style and font also apply to the other Alloy Navigator Express components installed on your computer, such as the Network Inventory application, the Settings App, the Database Management tool, etc.

Options window - Display tab

You use the Display tab of the Options window to customize the appearance of the Desktop App. To access the Options window, select Tools > Options from the main menu.

Common Controls Styles section:

Special Controls Appearance section:

  • Main Sidebar - the style of the left navigation bar from where you can access Alloy Navigator Express components. For details, see Changing the Sidebar style.

Font Customization section - specifies the font for the most of screen elements: grids, lists, the Sidebar, the Action Bar, dashboard widgets, etc. For details, see Changing the font.

  • Use system font - the operating system's default system font.

  • Use custom font - the custom font and its size. The list contains all fonts installed on your operating system.

Applying display options

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