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Customizing the dashboard

The dashboard has been configured by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator. However, you can locally customize your dashboards, fine-tuning it so that they could best suit you needs. The customization will be saved only for you and will not affect other users of this dashboard. You will be able to revert to the default dashboard settings at any time.

To customize a dashboard:

  1. Open the dashboard and click Customize. The Dashboard Designer window opens.

  2. Choose the dashboard layout.

A dashboard layout is a grid of cells, i.e. a combination of rows and columns. You add widgets to the dashboard by placing them into layout cells. The dashboard has its own layout, configured by the administrator. You cannot manually modify the dashboard layout, but you can apply to the dashboard one of predetermined reusable layouts. To do this, click Select Layout, click one of layout icons, and then click OK.

NOTE: The administrator must create reusable layouts beforehand in order that you can apply them to the dashboard. Otherwise, no layouts to choose from would be available.

  1. Choose widgets to show within the dashboard.

The set of widgets displayed within the dashboard by default has been configured by the administrator. The administrator might also have specified the widgets that are not displayed by default, but are available to you during dashboard customization. All the widgets that can be used within the dashboard are listed in the widget list on the left.

You can remove any of the default widgets from the dashboard if you do not need it. To do this, grab the widget by the title bar, drag it to the widget list on the left, and drop it.

To add any available widget to the dashboard, just drag-and-drop it from the widget list to the dashboard.

  1. If needed, rearrange widgets within the dashboard. To do this, grab a widget by the title bar and move it between the layout cells.

  2. Click Save.

To revert to the default dashboard settings:

  1. Open the dashboard and click Customize on the Module menu, The Dashboard Designer window opens.

  2. Click Restore Default.

  3. Click Save.