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Vendor Product window

This window displays the details of the Product offered by a particular Vendor. You can find Vendor Product records either in the Vendor Products section of the General tab of the Product window, or on the Products tab of the Vendor window. To open the Vendor Product window, double-click the Vendor Product record.

The Vendor Product window shows the information organized on the General, Purchase History, Notes, Attachments tabs.

General tab

This tab shows the Vendor Product offering details in the following fields:

Vendor - the Vendor of the Product. You can view Vendor details by clicking its field label.

Product - shows the Product associated with the Vendor's offering. You can view Product details by clicking its field label.

Price - the price of a single Product.

SKU - the stock keeping unit of the Product.

Return Policy - the policy that defines the Product return conditions.

Return Period (days) - the period defined by the Product return conditions.

Web Page - the Vendor’s web site address. If the address is specified, you can open the web site in your default web browser by clicking the Web Page link.

Status - the current status of the Vendor Product.

Purchase History tab

This tab lists all Purchase Order Items for the specified Vendor Product. You can open the PO Item details by double-clicking its record in the grid.

Notes tab

The Notes tab allows you to store any notes related to the Vendor Product.

Attachments tab

The Attachments tab allows you to manage attachments added to the Vendor Product. For instructions, see Attachments tab.