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General tab

The General tab shows the essential information about the Product organized in the following sections:

Name - displays the name of the Product.

Details section - includes the following fields:

  • Model - displays the model of the Product.

  • Manufacturer - contains the information about the Product's manufacturer and its production characteristics. When the Manufacturer field is filled out, you can open the Manufacturer record by clicking its field label.

  • Part Number - displays the Product part number.

  • MSRP - displays the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Categorization section - includes the type and the category of the Product.

Warranty section - includes the Product warranty duration in months and the warranty details.

Units of measure section - includes the following fields:

  • Purchasing UOM - displays the Product unit of measurement defined by supplier.

  • Conversion Factor - displays the coefficient for converting between units of measurement.

  • Stocking UOM - displays the product unit of measurement for inventory purposes.

Description section - shows a text description of the Product.

Vendor Products section - displays the list of the vendor products (similar products from alternative vendors):

  • Vendor - displays the vendor name.

  • Price - displays the vendor product price.

  • Return Period - displays the period during which you can return the product to the vendor.

  • Return Policy - displays the vendor return policy.

The General tab may also display various user-defined fields in an additional section if your Alloy Navigator Express administrator has configured them accordingly. The default name of this section is "Custom Data", although your Alloy Navigator Express administrator may have renamed this section.

NOTE: User-defined fields can appear also on the Custom Data tab (this is the default name of the tab; it can be renamed by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator).