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Searching for text in grids

If you want to quickly search through a grid for records that contain specific text, use a filter box on the right side of the Module menu to limit the number of records that the grid displays.

To search for text in a grid:

  1. Navigate to the grid where you want to find some text.

  2. TIP: Some grids do not have a filter box shown on the right side of the Module menu. To filter records in such grids, press Ctrl+F and the filter box will appear.

  3. In the filter box on the Module menu, type your text. As you type, the grid will show only those records that contain the entered text.

  4. NOTE: The text is searched for only in the currently displayed columns. If you need to search for text in other columns, you have to add them to the grid first. For details, see Customize View window.

  5. To revert to the complete list of records, delete the text in the filter box or click the Close button in the filter box.