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Using auto-search

The auto-search function lets you find records in a grid by the first letters of a keyword.

NOTE: This search isn't available in text fields of Memo type.

To find a record using auto-search:

  1. Display the grid you want to search through.

  2. Click in any column and type in the first letters of the keyword to find. If necessary, type more letters to find the correct match.

  3. The row containing first found field is selected on the grid.

  4. Do any of the following, depending on what you want to do next:

    • To open the current match’s record, press ENTER.

    • To go to the next record that matches the entered keyword, press CTRL+DOWN ARROW.

    • To return to the previous matching record, press CTRL+UP ARROW.

    • To re-search using other initial letters, press BACKSPACE to reach the first existing letter, then start typing the new letters.