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Self Service Portal modules and naming conventions

When you configure the Self Service Portal (SSP), you specify which Alloy Navigator Express modules are available for users depending on the tasks you want them to perform:

  • Tickets - grants access to Service Desk's tickets and enables SSP users to report issues to the Service Desk and view the status of their tickets.

  • Equipment Lending Library - grants access to the Equipment Lending Library and enables SSP users to request equipment for loan or event, i.e. create Reservations for Library Items.

  • Approvals - grants access to the Approvals and enables SSP users to require an approval from a manager in order to progress to a next stage in their lifecycle.

  • Knowledge Base - grants access to the Service Desk's Knowledge Base and enables SSP users to browse and search for Frequently Asked Questions or other Knowledge Base articles that may provide helpful information.

  • Announcements - enables SSP users to receive Announcements.

  • Assets - grants access to Computers and Inventory Items that SSP users own. Also enables SSP users to relate tickets to their owned equipment.

NOTE: For details, see the Web Configuration - Modules page.

In order to simplify Alloy Navigator Express for your customers and internal company users, the Self Service Portal (SSP) uses some naming conventions:

  • Library Items from Equipment Lending Library appear to SSP users as Equipment.