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Personalizing reports

At Customization > General > Report Settings section, you can customize reports that technicians generate from the Desktop App and the Web App.

Specifying the logo and web site address

By default, Alloy Navigator Express embeds Alloy Software logo and web address when generating reports. The logo appears in the upper right corner of each report page and it provides a hyperlink to the company’s web site. When the user clicks the logo in the Print Preview window, the specified URL opens in the web browser.

If you prefer to display the logo of your company and use your company’s web address, the Report logo section enables you to do this as follows.

To specify a logo for reports:

  1. Click Load.

  2. Browse for a PNG, JPEG or BMP file containing the logo, and click Open.

  3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

To export and save the current report logo as a file:

  1. Click Save as.

  2. Browse for the folder to save the file to, change the file name, if needed.

  3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

To remove the logo from report pages:

  1. Click Clear.

  2. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

To change the web site URL:

  1. Type in a new web address in the URL field.

  2. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

Changing the default locale

The default locale for reports determines how all pre-packaged reports display locale-dependent values, such as date, time, and currency. This guarantees that all reports generated from the Web App or the Desktop App use consistent formats, regardless on the user's browser locale, system locale on the technician's computer, or the globalization settings on the IIS server.

TIP: A locale is a set of settings that defines the user's language, country and other regional preferences in the user interface. A locale identifier consists of a language identifier and a region identifier. For example: fr-FR for French (France).

Initially, Alloy Navigator Express uses the locale settings from the computer where you run the Database Management tool to create your Alloy Navigator Express database. If needed, you can change the default locale for reports.

The default locale affects all pre-packaged reports and applies by default to custom user reports. In order to override the default locale, use the "Language" report property.

To change the default locale:

  1. Under Default report locale, choose a new default locale from Locale drop-down field.

  2. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.