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Configuring a Create New widget

A Create New widget displays a list of Templates for various Alloy Navigator Express objects. It allows a user to create new objects directly from the dashboard.

You modify properties of an existing Create Newwidget using the Create New Widget Properties window.

NOTE: For details on initial steps of widget creation or modification, see Creating widgets or Modifying widgets.

Create New Widget Properties window

The window contains the following fields and controls:

General section - specifies general properties of the widget:

Name - the "internal" name of the widget, which identifies it in widget lists.

Title - the widget title, which will be actually displayed in the dashboard.

Allow to minimize widget - specifies whether users can minimize this widget.

Hide widget when data is not available - specifies whether the widget will be hidden if no Templatess are available to the user.

Template s section - allows you to manage the list of Templates displayed within the widget:

    • To add a Templates, click New, select the Template in the Select Template window. The Caption field is initialized with the caption of the selected Templates. You can keep this caption, or type in another value. Click OK.

    • To edit an entry, double-click it or select it in the list and click Edit. The Item Properties window appears. Change the properties as needed. To select another Templates, click Select and choose it in the Select Template window. Click OK.

    • To rearrange items within the widget, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

    • To remove a Templates from the widget, select it in the list and click Delete.

Display Properties section - specifies the number of lines to display in the widget:

Number of lines to display - effectively determines the widget height:

      • To limit the height of the Templates list, enter the number of lines to show. The widget will automatically add a scroll bar when the number of Templates in the list exceeds the specified height. The height will be reduced automatically when the number of Templates is less than the specified height.

      • To let the widget adjust its height automatically to show the entire list, click display all.