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Configuring an Announcements widget

An Announcements widget displays a list of Announcements and allows opening each Announcement in a separate window for viewing.

You specify the properties of a new Announcements widget or modify properties of an existing widget of this type using the Announcements Widget Properties window.

NOTE: For details on initial steps of widget creation or modification, see Creating widgets or Modifying widgets.

Announcements Widget Properties window

General section - specifies general properties of the widget:

Name - the "internal" name of the widget, which identifies it in widget lists.

Title - the widget title, which will be actually displayed in the dashboard.

Allow to minimize widget - specifies whether users can minimize this widget.

Hide widget when data is not available - specifies whether the widget will be hidden if no Announcements are available for the user.

Display Properties section - specifies the number of Announcements to display:

Number of announcements to display - the maximum number of Announcements to show in the widget. When the actual number of Announcements exceeds this limit, the user will be able to browse through the Announcements by clicking Next and Prev links.