Release Notes

What's new in version 2023.1.3

August 2023

Version 2023.1.3 is a maintenance release. It delivers several improvements to New Experience data views, introduced earlier this summer, updates the audit tools, and resolves several issues reported in previous versions.

Improved performance in New Experience data views

We further improved the performance of New Experience data views by restricting the retrieval of records from the server.

When your view exceeds the limit, you'll see a message. The message advises you that the view shows only a portion of the data and gives you the option to load all records, if needed. The default limit is 1000 records, which is usually more than sufficient for daily operations.

NOTE: Previously, the record retrieval feature was applicable only to classic data views. Now, it extends to all data views, including both classic and new experiences. Users have the flexibility to adjust the limit in their personal profile settings by clicking the Settings button next to the warning message. For instructions, see Web App Help: Customizing your personal settings.

Updated Audit Tools

Alloy Audit Tools has been updated to version 2023.1.2. The latest update resolves several issues reported in previous versions:

  • Resolved the "Invalid access to memory location" error during the direct network scan on macOS and Linux computers.

  • Fixed the timeout issue during the upload of audit snapshots via SFTP on computers running Windows.

INFO: For a complete list of changes, see Audit Tools Update Release Notes.

Other improvements and resolved issues

New Experience data views
  • Previously, the process of exporting data from New Experience data views would interrupt upon encountering the # (hash) character within any data value. Now, the export feature correctly handles all characters, ensuring complete and accurate data in the export file.

  • Addressed SQL timeout errors that were occurring in data views containing an extremely large number (hundreds of thousands) of records. In conjunction with the previously explained record retrieval enhancements, we have further optimized SQL queries and extended the timeout period to prevent this kind of errors.

  • To avoid unintentional creation of duplicate data views, we've improved the view saving process. Now, when you save a view, a standard loading indicator will appear, and the Save As button will be temporarily disabled, preventing accidental repetitive clicks.

Object forms
  • Fixed the issue that could cause the content of a Knowledge Base article to disappear once the user minimizes a previously maximized content field while editing the article.

  • Resolved a visual issue that caused the HTML editor’s Edit button to unexpectedly appear in pop-up boxes and menus.

  • Making the Requester field read-only no longer affects the Requester's Assets filter on ticket forms.

  • Addressed problems with the Select object from list form, which could appear empty in the presence of duplicate fields.

Workflow forms: Attachment Browser
  • To speed up the Attachment Browser and enhance navigation through lengthy attachment lists, the View All option now initially displays only the top 100 attachments. An informative message will be provided to users in the event that the number of files surpasses the set limit. This notification will also include the option to input a few characters of the desired file name. This will allow users to effectively narrow down and refine the list of available options.

Admin Center
  • Fixed an internal error that could occur when setting up Scheduled Report jobs for some custom reports.

Automation Server
  • Resolved the issue that could prevent the Automation Server service from recovering after a database connection loss or interruption. Now the service reconnects automatically, minimizing potential service disruptions.

Network Inventory
  • In the past, certain printers occasionally failed to trigger a Low Toner Alert. This update ensures that every printer with toner levels below the designated threshold will consistently generate the expected alert.