Administration Guide

Automation Server

The Automation Server is a Windows service that runs various automated tasks in Alloy Navigator Express. Typically, the Automation Server should be installed on a computer dedicated for the task, separately from the Alloy Navigator Express database or the Settings.

The Automation Server performs the following tasks:

  • In Alloy Navigator Express:
    • Sending outgoing e-mail
    • Running the Active Directory Synchronization job
    • Running the Mail Connector job
    • Running reporting jobs
    • Generating recurrent Tickets
    • Triggering Ticket Business Policies, Actions, Templates, E-mail Notifications, and Integrations
    • Synchronizing Alloy Navigator Express with its Network Inventory component
  • In Network Inventory:
    • Discovering computers and network devices
    • Auditing computers
    • Collecting SNMP data from network devices
    • Checking audit sources for new snapshots
    • Importing audit snapshots from the portable media
    • Recognizing software products installed on audited computers and populating the Software Catalog
  • In both Alloy Navigator Express and Network Inventory:
    • Logging all events

Alloy Automation Server is shipped with the Automation Server Manager. You can use this tool to start, stop, and restart the Automation Server, however this must be done from the computer where the Automation Server is running. For instructions, see Starting and stopping the Automation Server below.

In your Settings, you can view the Automation Server properties and manage the Automation Server jobs. For instructions, see Viewing Automation Server Properties and What the job list displays.