Administration Guide

Creating Technician Accounts

The initial Technician account in Alloy Navigator Express is created during the database creation process. This special account is granted the Administrator Role in Alloy Navigator Express.

INFO: For details, see: Installation Guide: Creating the Alloy Navigator Express Database and Predefined Administrator Role.

In order to allow other technicians to access Alloy Navigator Express, you must create Technician accounts for them. Before you begin, complete these steps:

  • Consider the tasks the technician will be performing in Alloy Navigator Express and plan the technician’s membership in security roles.

    INFO: For details, see Creating and Maintaining Security Roles.

  • Consider the password complexity requirements for technicians to access Alloy Navigator Express.

    INFO: For details, see Setting password complexity.

  • If you have a mixed product license, decide what type of account to create for this technician: Concurrent or Named.

    INFO: For details, see Types of Accounts.

To create a Technician account, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Accounts and Roles > Accounts.

  2. Click New. The New Account wizard starts and the Welcome page appears.

  3. Click Next. The Select Account Type page appears.

  4. Click Technician, then click Next.

  5. If the Select Technician Type page appears, choose the account type you want to create for this technician and click Next.

    INFO: For details, see Concurrent and Named Technician accounts.

  6. On the Select Authentication Type page, choose an authentication type and click Next.

    INFO: For details, see Types of Authentication.

  7. Depending on the selected authentication type, do one of the following:

    For Windows authentication:

    1. On the Select Windows Account page, type a Windows user account (domain or local).

      Alternatively, you can click the Find button to bring up the standard Windows Select User dialog box. The dialog box allows you to quickly find a domain or local user account. For example, you can choose a location to search in, enter the user name to find and click Check Names. Select a found user name in the list and click OK to close the dialog.

      Click Next. The Import Person from Active Directory page appears.

    2. If you want the new Person record to be based on Active Directory information, select the Import User information from Active Directory check box and click Next. The Associate the Account with a Person page appears.

    For standard authentication:

    1. On the Enter Login and Password page, type the user name (login) and password.
    2. Click Next. The Associate the Account with a Person page appears.
  8. Complete the Associate the Account with a Person page as follows:
    1. Choose the Person record to associate with this account:

      If you have imported the Person from Active Directory on previous step, check the person name and proceed to the next step. Otherwise, specify a Person as follows:

      To select an existing Person record from the database, click the ellipsis button, select a Person, and click OK. Click Next.

      To create a new Person, click the ellipsis button and then click New > Technician, complete the Person dialog box as needed, and then click OK.

      IMPORTANT: You can associate a Technician account only with a technician, i.e. a Person record having the Technician attribute set to Yes.

    2. Click Next. The Assign Roles to Technician page appears.
    3. If you have any default security roles, the Technician account is automatically granted these roles.

      INFO: For details, see Creating Security Roles.

  9. Complete the Assign Roles to Technician page:
    1. Manage the technician’s role membership as follows:
      • To grant non-default roles to the new Technician account, click Add. The Select Roles dialog box appears. Choose one or several roles and click OK.
      • To exclude the technician from a security role, select the role (or multiple roles) and click Delete.
    2. Click Next. The Ready to Create page appears.
  10. 10.

    Click Next. The Account Created page appears confirming that the new account has been added.

  11. Click Finish to close the wizard.