Administration Guide

Creating and Maintaining Security Roles

Before creating Technician accounts, you must consider the tasks that technicians should perform in Alloy Navigator Express, and determine what security roles must be granted. It is important to have a role strategy in place before you create roles.

The default workflow offers you the Administratorrole for the Alloy Navigator Express administrator. This role grants all Management and Administration permissions and unrestricted access to all Alloy Navigator Express and Network Inventory objects and functions.

NOTE: The predefined Administrator role is granted to the initial Technician account when you create the Alloy Navigator Express database. For details, see Predefined Administrator Role.

Your strategy for non-administrative roles depends on IT business processes in your organization. Alloy NavigatorExpress’ default workflow provides a collection of roles, such as Asset Manager, Helpdesk Manager, Helpdesk Technician, etc., that are generally sufficient for many organizations. You can keep the defaults, customize these roles needed, or create your own roles.

NOTE: The default workflow pack includes the least-privileged Viewer role. This role grants the View permission to all objects, allowing its members to view all Alloy Navigator Express objects in read-only mode.

TIP: The Viewer role is used as the default role for all newly created accounts for technical staff members. However, you can use a different default role, make several default roles, or you can have no default roles at all. For details, see Modifying Security Roles and Creating Technician Accounts.