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Select Languages

The Self Service Portal installation package includes several language packs that will allow the SSP customer to choose a language when accessing the Self Service Portal. In addition to text resources, each language pack includes the default regional date, time, and number formats.

Once the SSP is configured, SSP users will be able to select the interface language on the My Profile page. The selected language will also assign the default settings to the date, time, and number formats. However, users will always have the option to change the formats as needed, regardless of the selected interface language and installed language packs.

To select the languages of your Self Service Portal:

  1. Select which language packs will be available for Self Service Portal users. To proceed, at least one language must be selected.

  2. Select the default language from the Default Language drop-down list, select the default language for the Self Service Portal.

NOTE: When multiple language packs are configured for the SSP, the user's browser locale does not match to any of the installed languages, and the user does not have a specific language configured in the profile (first connect), the SSP will apply the default language.

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