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Viewing the Service Catalog

The Service Catalog component allows you to find the Service Catalog items (that specify which services are available for end-users in the organization) by using the following methods:

After you found an appropriate Item, you can view or edit it, for details, see Working with Service Catalog items.

Browsing the Service Catalog

You can access the Service Catalog component by clicking Service Management > Service Catalog from the navigation menu.

The Service Catalog consists of a number of SC items. Each Item can be related to an unlimited number of service categories. You can use service categories to find appropriate SC items when you browse the Service Catalog.

In the Items grid, you can also view the Request Count statistics of the Service Catalog. The Request Count field allows you to control the number of requests submitted for each SC Item. Full request history of any SC Item is stored on its Request History tab.

Service Catalog tab

The Service Catalog page displays the information in the following panes:

  • Categories pane - This left navigation pane displays the hierarchical tree of SC categories. The Description area below displays the description for the selected category (if any).

    Once you click a category in this pane, the right Items pane shows all SC items assigned to this category and all its nested subcategories (if any). The "All Items" top-level node embraces all existing SC items, the "Uncategorized" node includes the SC items with no categories assigned.

  • Items pane - This right pane shows the grid of SC Items assigned to the category chosen in the Categories pane and all its nested subcategories (if any). This pane allows you to open an SC Item by double-clicking it from the grid for details, see Working with Service Catalog items).

  • Preview pane - Below the Service Catalog Items grid, the SC Item preview is shown. To hide or show the Preview pane, click the small black triangle at the center.