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Knowledge Base

The Alloy Navigator Knowledge Base (KB) is an integral part of its Service Desk module. Starting with this blank database, the staff of IT and Service Desk departments can build a central repository of explicit knowledge of your organization. This knowledge such as solutions to various technical support problems, instructions, etc., can be captured as articles in the Alloy Navigator Knowledge Base. The main benefit of maintaining the Knowledge Base is to provide a way to search for solutions to the problems that already have known solutions in order to re-apply them.

The Knowledge Base consists of a number of KB articles. To find article that matches the support issue, you can use the following methods:

  • Search for the article using the Advanced Search tool. For details, see Using the Advanced Search tool.

  • Browse the Knowledge Base using the knowledge categories. For details, see Browsing the Knowledge Base.

Once an article is found, you can relate the article to the corresponding ticket, as well as to another object, such as a Person, another KB Article, etc.

If your organization uses the Self Service Portal (SSP) as the front-end to the Knowledge Base, then SSP customers can also search or browse the KB, but they have access to the certain KB articles, referred to as public. For details, see Publishing KB articles on the Self Service Portal.

If your organization is using the Alloy Navigator Web App, the Service Desk staff can search and view all Service Items in this Web App. They can also monitor the entire Service Desk functionality from the browser of any web-connected computer.

NOTE: You can use the Import tool to import articles from other files and formats, such as Excel, other databases, text, etc., into the local KB.

This section includes the following sub-sections: