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Browsing the Knowledge Base

Updated in 2023.1

You can access the Knowledge Base by using the following methods:

  • On the Sidebar, click Service Desk > Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base consists of Knowledge Base articles (KB articles). Each article can be related to an unlimited number of knowledge categories. You can use knowledge categories to find appropriate KB articles when you browse the Knowledge Base or use the Advanced Search tool. The Advanced Search tool allows restricting search results to a chosen knowledge category.

Knowledge Base tab

The Knowledge Base tab displays the information in the following panes:

  • Categories pane - This left navigation pane displays the hierarchical tree of knowledge categories. The area below displays the description for the selected category (if any).

Once you click a category in this pane, the right Articles pane shows all KB articles assigned to this category and all its nested subcategories (if any). The "All Articles" top-level node embraces all existing KB articles, the "Uncategorized" node includes the KB articles with no categories assigned.

  • Articles pane - This right pane shows the grid of KB articles assigned to the category chosen in the Categories pane and all its nested subcategories (if any). This pane allows to open a KB Article in the View or Edit mode:

    • To open an article for editing, select it in the grid and double-click. (for details, see Working with KB articles).

    • To open an article for viewing, click View on the Module menu of the KB Article window (for details, see Viewing KB articles).

  • Preview pane - Below the Articles grid, the Article preview is shown.

    If the selected article has one or more attachments, the attachments are displayed as a links in the preview pane:

    • To open or save an attachment, click the link and then select the desired action.