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Navigation Menu

Updated in 8.7

The navigation menu is a menu that enables you to quickly access all Alloy Navigator modules and components they contain.

By default, the navigation menu is hidden. When you display the menu, it shows you a group of modules that provides related information and functionality in an instance. For example, the Service Desk module provides access to Work Orders and ability to work with those components.

TIP: You can expand only one module at a time.

To display or hide the navigation menu:

  • Click the three-lines icon in the upper-left corner.

To access individual components from the navigation menu:

  • Click the navigation menu icon, expand the appropriate module, and click the hyperlink for the desired component.

To pin the navigation menu:

  • Click the pin-icon in the upper-right corner.

To search through the navigation menu for a specific component:

  • In the Search all modules search box (in the upper-left corner) type your text. As you type, the navigation menu will show only those components that contain the entered text.