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Frequently-used text fields

Updated in 2024

See which "frequently-used text fields" the Search tool uses when searching Alloy Navigator objects for the specified search text. These text fields typically contain important object information.

Search in Frequently-used text fields
Announcements ID, Title, Content, Notes
Assets Asset Tag, ID, Name, Description, Notes, Barcode, Serial Num
Approval Requests ID, Notes
Approval Stages ID, Name, Description, Notes
Brands Brand, Organization, Web Page
Change Requests Ticket, Summary, Description, Notes
Computers ID, Name, Description, Notes
Configurations ID, Name, Description, Notes
Consumables ID, Name, Description, Notes
Contracts ID, Title, Description, Notes
Documents ID, Name, Description, Notes, Keywords
Group ID, Name, Notes
Hardware ID, Name, Description, Notess
Incidents Ticket, Summary, Description, Resolution, Notes
KB Articles ID, Title, Content, Notes
Library Items ID, Name, Description, Notes
Locations ID, Location, Notes
Networks ID, Name, Description, Notes
Organizations ID, Name, Notes, Web Page
Persons ID, Full Name, Primary Email, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Business Phone, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Notes
Problems Tickets, Summary, Description, Notes
Product Catalog Items (Products) ID, Name, Description, Notes
Projects ID, Name, Notes
Project Tasks ID, Summary, Description, Notes
Purchase Orders (POs) ID, PO Number, Title, Notes
PO Items PO Number, PO Title, Description
Equipment Reservations ID, Notes
Service Requests Ticket, Summary, Description, Notes
Service Catalog Items ID, Name, Description, Notes
Services ID, Name, Notes
SLAs ID, Name, Notes
Software Licenses ID, Name, Description, Notes, Serial Number
Software Products Product Name, Description, Notes
Stock Rules ID, Name, Notes
Tracked Software ID, Name, Description, Notes
Groups ID, Name, Notes
Vendors ID, Name, Notes
Vendor Product Product ID, Product, Manufacturer, Part Number';
Work Orders Ticket, Summary, Description, Resolution, Notes
All Tickets All fields specified above for each class of tickets (Change Requests, Incidents, Problems, Service Requests, Work Orders)
All CIs ID, Name, Notes fields for Computers, Hardware, Networks, Documents, Configurations, and Software Licenses
Everywhere Frequently-used text fields for all object classes