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General tab

The General tab stores the entire content of the Announcement and lets you manage its demonstration.

The information is organized in the following sections:

Categorization section - shows the Announcement type, the Owner of the Announcement, and the Service associated with the Announcement. The list of types is defined by your Alloy Navigator administrator. The Owner record allows you to associate the Announcement with a responsible Person. When the Owner is filled out, its field label becomes a hyperlink so you can open the person record by clicking the link. The referenced object will appear in a fly-out preview form. To access its full form, click the hyperlinked field label with the wheel mouse button, or click the Edit icon in the fly-out preview form. The object record will be opened in a new tab.

The Service record allows you to associate the Announcement the service. The Announcement is available to the Receivers of the service: persons, groups, or organizations. When the Service is filled out, clicking its caption opens the selected Service in a separate window. When the High Priority check box is selected, the Announcement will be shown at the top of the list in the Announcements section of the dashboard and highlighted in red.

Audience section - shows the Technicians Users and Self Service Users check boxes that correspond to the groups of users to whom the Announcement will be shown. When both check boxes are clear, the Announcement is not displayed.

Duration section - shows the start date and the end date of the period when the Announcement is displayed. If either start or end date is not chosen or neither of them are specified, the corresponding time span point is not limited.

Untitled section - contains the text of the Announcement. Use the HTML editor to format the text and insert hyperlinks or images.

The General tab may also display various user-defined fields in an additional section if your Alloy Navigator administrator has configured them accordingly. The default name of this section is "Custom Data", although your Alloy Navigator administrator may have renamed this section.