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Configuring mobile applications

The Services > Mobile Applications section of the Settings App is where you manage configuration of external mobile applications integrated with Alloy Navigator via the API.

Configuration settings for these native Alloy Software mobile applications are available out-of-the-box:

Configuration / Application Description


Alloy Navigator

For technicians

Alloy Navigator mobile app (sometimes referred to as "the Mobile App") gives technicians mobile access to the Alloy Navigator ITSM module.

For details, see Alloy Navigator mobile app configuration.


Alloy Inventory Scanner

For technicians

Alloy Inventory Scanner is our native application for mobile physical inventory.

For details, see Alloy Inventory Scanner configuration


Alloy Self-Service Assistant for Microsoft Teams

For end-users

Alloy Self-Service Assistant is a bot app that allows end-users to interact with Alloy Navigator without having to leave their Microsoft Teams.

For details, see Integration: Alloy Self-Service Assistant bot for Microsoft Teams.


Alloy Self-Service

For end-users

Alloy Self-Service mobile app gives end-users mobile access to the Alloy Navigator Self Service Portal.

For details, see Alloy Self-Service mobile app configuration.