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Resolving conflicts

When your conflict resolution rules imply that detected conflicts will be resolved manually, every potential Computer duplicate appears in the Services > Alloy Discovery Integration > Conflict Resolution > Conflict List section.

To resolve a conflict:

  1. Under Conflict List, double-click the conflict to resolve. The Conflict Details window opens.

  2. View the conflicting parameters:

    • Field Name - the name of the Computer field with a conflicting value

    • Database - the field value in the Alloy Navigator database

    • Audit - the field value in the Alloy Discovery audit snapshot

      NOTE: You can view addition information in the log file that was added when the conflict was detected. For details, see Viewing conflict logs.

  3. Resolve the conflict as follows:

    • To add a new Computer record, click Create new...

    • To overwrite the Computer record in Alloy Navigator with the audit data, click Overwrite data...

  4. Click OK. This schedules the conflict resolution by the Automation Server and changes the conflict status to Scheduled.

After the Automation Server updates the data in the database according to the specified resolution method, the conflict status will be changed to Resolved.

NOTE: You can only resolve conflicts in the New status.