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Viewing the Related Objects map

The Related Objects map is an interactive map that shows all objects related to the current record and allows you to manage the relations. By default, the map displays all elements in a horizontal tree pattern according to their relationships.

Each node having downstream relationships is shown with a plus sign. By clicking the plus sign, you can expand node clusters and view their relationship types. You can investigate any object of the interactive map by double-clicking the node and viewing its details in a separate window.

Using the map, you can add, modify and delete relationships of the object. For details, see Relating objects, Changing the relationship type, Deleting relations.

To view the Related Objects map:

  1. Open the object's record.

  2. Click the Related Objects tab.

  3. To switch to the map mode, select the View as map check box on the Module menu.

    You can go back to the grid view by clearing the View as map check box.

  4. Use the Vertical check box to control the display direction of the relations.

    • Vertical is ON (selected): From top to bottom (vertically).

    • Vertical is OFF (cleared): From left to right (horizontally).

  5. On the Module menu, click the Fit check box. This re-sizes the map so all its elements fit the display area.