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Changing the relationship type

You can change the type of relationship between two related objects. The list of relationship types are defined by your Alloy Navigator administrator.

This operation is available only for the objects related by using the commands on the Related Objects tab. Though the Related Objects tab displays also the objects related by using other commands and shown also in the Related CI, Related Problem, Change Request, Related Incident, and Associated CI fields on the General tab or on the Related Incidents tab of a Problem, you cannot change the relationship type for these objects.

To change a relationship type:

  1. Open one of the related objects and click the Related Objects tab.

  2. Click the second related object.

  3. On the Module menu, click Modify Relation.

    NOTE: The Modify Relation command is available only for objects directly related to the main object, i.e. shown at the top level of the hierarchical tree.

  4. Select the desired relationship type in the drop-down list.

  5. Click OK.