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Reservations tab

This tab helps you visualize Reservations for the Library Item. You can view the calendar information by day, by week, or by month. For details, see Changing Calendar views.

You can also use this tab to create, modify, and delete Reservations for the Library Item right from the calendar.

NOTE: To refresh the calendar, press F5.

Filtering Reservations in the calendar

The calendar displays Reservations as bars from their Reservation Date From to Reservation Date To. The Status pane in the right side bar enables you to filter them by status. The calendar will display only those that are in one or more particular lifecycle phases, i.e. having the selected Status values.

  • ClosedTo filter Reservations:

    • Under Status, select the check boxes that correspond to the desired Status values.

    NOTE: The <Unassigned> check box allows you to decide whether the calendar would display reservations with an empty value in the Status field.

  • ClosedTo remove filtering:

    • To remove filtering by Status, select the <All> check box under Status. This will select all other check boxes in the pane, and the calendar will show Reservations having any statuses.

    NOTE: Clearing the <All> check box will clear all other check boxes in the pane. Make sure that you have selected some Status values. Otherwise, your calendar will be empty.

Managing Reservations

The calendar on the Reservations tab displays the working time of your organization and all Reservations for the Library Item, so you can quickly visualize when the item is available, and submit a Reservation directly from the calendar.

You can manage Reservations right from the calendar as follows:

  • ClosedTo view the details of a Reservation:

    • Hover the mouse over the Reservation to display its details. The popup window displays the requester and the reservation dates.

  • ClosedTo reschedule a Reservation:

    • Double-click the Reservation bar and change the Reservation Date From and Reservation Date To dates on the General tab of the Equipment Reservation window.

    You can also change any other Reservation details, such as the Requester or Type, using the Equipement Reservation window.

  • ClosedTo submit a Reservations:

    1. Click in the desired cell and select New > Reservation from the Module menu.

    1. Specify Reservation details as needed and click OK. A new Reservation bar appears in the calendar.

  • ClosedTo cancel a Reservation:

    • Select the Reservation bar and click the Delete button on the Module menu.

You can also perform any other workflow actions using the Actions menu. For details, see Working with Equipment Lending Library Records and Equipment Reservations.