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Creating shared views

To create a shared view:

  1. In the General > Shared Views section, select the object class or module for which the shared view will be created.

    NOTE: You can also access the list of shared views for a particular object class in the Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Shared Views section.

  2. Click New. The New Shared View and the Customize View windows opens.

  3. Configure the view using the Customize View window and click Apply or OK.

  4. The New Shared View window displays a preview of the shared view you are creating. If you don't like the result, click Customize and modify the view.

  5. When done, click OK in the New Shared View window. The Save View As window opens.

  6. Enter the view name and click OK.

In addition, you can create a new shared view by importing a local view from the Desktop App to an .xml file and then exporting that view into the Settings App. Desktop App users can also create shared copies of their local views.

All new shared views, yours or users', remain unavailable for users until you assign them to particular user roles. For details, see Assigning shared views to security roles.