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Assigning shared views to security roles

To assign a shared view to one or several security roles:

  1. In the General > Shared Views section, select the object class or module for which the shared view is created.

    NOTE: You can also access the list of shared views for a particular object class in the Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Shared Views section.

  2. Select the view you want to assign and click Roles. The Assign View to Roles window opens.

  3. On the Available Roles pane, the security roles that don't have access to this view are listed. Use the Add, Add All, Remove, and Remove All buttons to move the desired roles to the Assign to These Roles pane. The view will be only available for the members of the roles listed under Assign to These Role.

  4. When done, click OK.

TIP: You can select several views, click Roles, and assign all the selected views to a number of security roles at once.

You may need to provide users with a view that is not available through their membership in security roles. In this case, export the definition of that shared view to an individual .xml file. When a user imports your shared view into the Desktop App, this view becomes local, i.e. available only to its owner. You can create an .xml file with multiple views for a particular object class, which allows users to import several data views at once. For details, see Exporting configuration settings.